Diablo 2 Resurrected Side-by-Side

Diablo 2 comparison

There is plenty to like in the way Blizzard has resurrected Diablo 2. One of the main attractions is that it support dual-mode visuals, where you can view it with the new 3D graphics but also switch to isometric 2D sprites. You don’t have to choose! There are many examples in Act 2 and Act […]

Diablo 2 Resurrected Review

IGN has posted the official review for Diablo 2 Resurrected Edition. Is it as good as we remember it to be? I feel a strong sense of nostalgia just looking at some of the atmospheric interiors. I have spent hundreds of hours in Diablo and these monastery walls seems to have been ingrained in my […]

Classic Diablo characters

In Diablo 4, we have a return to classic Diablo heroes. Four classes have been confirmed for Diablo IV: the Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, and Rogue.

Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 Season 24

These are the best builds for Diablo 3 patch 2.7.1 season 24 for solo GR pushing. Monk builds, barbarian builds, crusader builds, witch doctor builds, demon hunter builds, necromancer builds, wizard builds…

New Diablo 3 class – Necromancer

This Necromancer was the understudy of Master Necromancer Ordan and prepared for some years. In 1285, Ordan learnt of the happening to the Fallen Star, which had awoken the dead in Khanduras. He bid his understudy make a trip there to return them to their graves. The Necromancer detected a requirement for their one of […]

New Diablo 3 class – Crusader

Crusaders are unbending champions of faith and law. These living fortresses use impenetrable plate and towering shields to wade through scores of foes, leaving demonic bodies smoldering in their wake. The thick of battle is unforgiving, but Barbarians rush in without hesitation, relying on holy magic and heavy armor to guarantee victory. Well-trained monks are […]

Diablo 3 class – Witch Doctor

Most trust Witch Doctors to be fantasies of legend. Indeed, hardly any foreigners have experienced a Witch Doctor in the flash in Diablo 3. Witch Doctor is a consecrated one in Umbaru society. The last capacity has a place exclusively with those brought into the world with the bit of the Unformed Land. The Witch […]

New Diablo 3 class – Wizard

Blizzard have finally revealed the third Diablo 3 character – a Wizard. As far as I can tell from the gameplay video and the class description, it looks like a copy&paste of the good ole Diablo 2 Sorceress. The Diablo 3 Wizard is a long-range caster and is a glass-cannon class. With the legitimate expertise […]

New Diablo 3 class – Demon Hunter

Finally, the fifth Diablo 3 character has been revealed at Blizzcon 2010. No doubt, the name sounds familiar, after all, Demonhunter is my favorite starting hero when I play Warcraft 3. I doubt the Diablo 3 version will sport the same amazing ultimate skill (Metamorphosis into a Demon), but let’s take a look at some […]

Diablo 3 Barbarian skills

Blizzard has put out some screenshots of the Barbarian skill tree. It’s part of the new (N8) Blizzcast. It covers a lot of ground, especially when it comes to Diablo 3. Combat Skills Combat Masteries Warcries Level 1 Bash Sword Mastery, Axe Mastery, Mace Mastery Howl, Find Potion Level 6 Double Swing, Leap Polearm Mastery, […]